Russia’s representative will join the board of directors of SWIFT

There will be Russia’s representative among other directors in the SWIFT board, informs RBC. Russia acquired a place there because of the fact that payment traffic in its jurisdiction had increased recently.

Russian banks may lose up to 65 roubles on conversion of foreign currency mortgage loans into rouble-nominated ones

Conversion of all mortgage loans initially nominated in foreign currency into rouble-nominated ones at the exchange rate recommended by the Central Bank would cost banks approximately 65 billion roubles – informs Interfax.

Moscow proposes 2 year tax holidays for individual entrepreneurs

Today the government of Moscow approved a new draft law to introduce 2 year tax holidays for individual entrepreneurs which were registered for the first time.

New IFRS translations to Russian, Spanish, Turkmen, and Japanese

The IFRS Foundation presented a most recent set of translations of international financial reporting requirements into the following languages.

The Initiative for Responsible Investment: global CSR disclosures

As part of the Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI), experts published a report on global regulatory rules on corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures adopted by national regulators of separate counties and as listing rules on global stock exchanges.

Rules for globalization

Participants of the recent international discussion European Choice: Globalization or Re-Soveregnization, organized by the Endowment for St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation, proposed to introduce “rules” for globalization, saying that this should restrict negative manifestations of the whole process.

GAAP-IFRS.COM Digest: 2-6 March 2015

State Duma to provide a temporary protective solution for foreign currency mortgage borrowers

It is expected that the State Duma of Russia will soon acquire a new bill for consideration to provide a temporary protection for foreign currency borrowers which, as we know, found themselves in especially desperate situation after the rapid devaluation of rouble. For example, banks won’t be able to take away their house dwellings from them even if those are used as pledge for mortgage loans. This was announced yesterday by a member of the Federation Council’s (the upper chamber of the parliament) financial markets and budgetary committee Oleg Kazakovtsev.

GRI clarified the link between its G4 Guidelines and CDP’s standards

Further to the recently raised subject of connection between numerous standards and guidance on integrated accountancy. We remind that not long ago the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) presented an illustrative table of all possible connections between different  requirements for sustainable accountancy effective today.

ASBJ prepared two publications on measurement in the context of IFRS Conceptual Framework

As we know, the IASB continues to work on its major IFRS Conceptual Framework project which was launched in July 2013. Taking into account its exceptional importance not only for the IASB, but virtually for everyone, the Accounting Standards Board of Japan is preparing for the next ASAF meeting in advance and wants to hear and participate in more concrete discussions of measurement (in the context of Conceptual Framework).

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