Government plans to accelerate creation of an international financial center in Russia



Дата публикации: 25 Января 2010 г.

Russian government plans to accelerate creation of an international financial center in the country – announced first vice-prime minister Igor Shuvalov during the conference «Russia and the world: challenges of the new decade» last Thursday.

According to Mr. Shuvalov, long-run economic problems, high level of debt, budget deficit and tendencies to increase taxes force financial and industrial sectors of many economically developed nations to «more actively look in the eastern direction», which offers new perspective for both Russia and the Common economic space currently being developed (that is, Russia, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan). «We’ve got a unique chance to become an attractive financial market for global capital in 10-15 years perspective. That’s a very hard, although quite solvable task. That’s why the idea to create an International financial center out of Russia is becoming more and more pressing», – he said.

He reminded that the government had approved a plan to create an international financial center. «By the order of the president and the prime-minister, we’re getting back to the plan and think that we’ll be able to come up with certain solutions during the year and later, in order for the plan to become more precise and for us – to reach all desired targets sooner».

Source: «Gazeta»

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